Big Tree Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organized to promote performance poetry for the Boise community. Prior to incorporation in 2007, we operated as the Boise Poetry Slam. Our mission is to promote the performance and creation of poetry and art while cultivating literary activities and performance events in order to build audience participation, stimulate creativity, awaken minds, foster education, inspire mentoring, and encourage artistic statement. In addition to holding the longest-running open poetry series in Boise.

Actively serving the Boise community since 2002. 

 We serve the Boise community by:








The Loud Writers’ Program provides youth poets with access to performance poetry opportunities. The program has three components: multi-session poetry workshops with at-risk youth at Frank Church High, Eagle Academy, and Hays Shelter Home; outreach poetry visits to local high schools to introduce students to the art of performance poetry; and bimonthly all-ages poetry workshops followed by all-ages poetry slams held at High Note Cafe in Boise.


The Spoken Word Reading and Workshop Series, which began in 2006, brings world-class poets to Boise to perform with local poets and for our growing poetry audience. Performances for this series are held at our monthly Poetry Slam Delux event at Pengillys in Boise.


Big Tree Arts is an Idaho nonprofit that provides the community with opportunities for high quality, diverse, and accessible performance poetry and educational programs. We uniquely serve the Treasure Valley through our performance poetry workshops and slams by providing access to the art form for area writers, performers, and audiences, and we specifically seek to engage audiences as part of the creative process involved in the art of poetry slam.